July 20-23: Homer

Travelling by Stage Line turned out to be an adventure in itself. Some 7 to 8 passengers are together in a minivan which is at the same time delivering goods (fish, mainly, I believe) to various addresses. For travellers without a car Stage Line is probably the cheapest option for travelling to Homer, apart from hitchhiking. Steve, an Australian I met in Homer, had decided to buy a bike for 80 dollars (the Stage Line ticket was 78) and cycle his way down. The route from Anchorage to Homer is extremely beautiful.

The Homer Hostel -apparently closed now- was fantastic in atmosphere and a bit messy. But: great people! Homer itself was not all that interesting. The village doesn’t have much to offer (although the Cosmic Kitchen was great and so is breakfast at the Two Sisters Bakery). The Homer Spit is very touristic, not my thing, just souvenir shops and restaurants. Had a very good pizza at Finn’s there. For people without a car, the Spit is quite a long walk from town, at least an hour and a half. There’s no bus line, but there are taxis.

Apparently the best thing to do in Homer is to take the water taxi to Kachemak Bay State Park. There’s supposed to be fantastic hiking opportunities there. As I was tired from the bear viewing (see next page) and was told that this taxi costs 80 dollars, I did not do it. Instead I visited the Islands & Oceans Visitor Center, which was allright, and did the Forest Ecology Trail at the Pratt Museum. This guided tour was wonderful, thanks to the fantastic guide who was a true lover of nature.

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