Towards Utne

September 3 was our first wet day. Actually, it was raining all day long. So we decided to read and do some laundry.

The next day we drove to our next accommodation, in Utne. Half way, we stopped in Odda to get cash from a bancomat. Just before Odda we passed the Latefoss falls which are clearly a tourist hotspot: we had hardly seen any other tourists until now, but here there were many.

In Odda, we left the 13 and continued on the 550 towards Utne. On the internet we had found that there was a lunch café in Grimo, but when we got there, it looked empty. It turned out that the owner, a Dutch woman, had just arrived and was starting up. So we had to wait quite some time before we could order food, but we were in no hurry and the place had a nice view:

Driving in South Norway: café in Grimo

Meanwhile, my boyfriend could help the lady, who was trying to get everything to work on her new laptop.

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