October 29: Ventas de Zafarraya – Alhama de Granada

Somewhere I read that Ventas de Zafarraya looks like a Wild West town and this is true. It consists mainly of one central street with bars, shops and old houses.

For the walk to Alhama de Granada we had to leave Ventas de Zafarraya through the same tunnel through which we had come, and then instead of turning right towards the railroad track of the previous day, we should turn left, take a tiny footpath over a hill and then descend to the village of Espino. This was a very nice part of the walk, so quiet, we didn’t meet anybody on the hill (and had some doubts about whether we were on the right track, but it turned out that we were.)
Halfway there was a part where we had to do a bit of roadwalking (most of the route was offroad). At the end of this road there was Hotel Rural Los Caños de la Alcaiceria, good place for a break. After that, as we came nearer to Alhama de Granada, the route went through the woods with a lot of picknick spots. As we were still having quite warm weather, the shade was welcome.
More shade would follow: the canyon of Alhama de Granada. Approaching the town through this canyon was definitely the best part of this day. Beautiful!

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