Dolomites 2022 – Hike to Lavarella

From Pederü you can hike to Fanes and Lavarella: these two rifugios are very close together, there’s only about 300 metres between them. From Pederü you follow the signs for Fanes and when you’re almost there, there’s a sign that says that you can go left for Fanes or right for Lavarella. As Fanes is on all the signs, we figured it might be busier there and opted for Lavarella, which was an excellent choice: they have a lovely terrace, nice food and local beer (and even ice cream made of this local beer).

(NB: Before you get to the abovementioned sign, there’s a small hut with a tiny terrace which made us wonder if we were already there. There were more people asking the same thing. The answer is no: you need to walk just a little bit further for Fanes and Lavarella. It did look like you could get a coffee at this small hut though, I’m not sure if this was a café or just somebody’s house.)

Hiking the Dolomites: signposts Hiking the Dolomites: from Pederü to LavarellaHiking the Dolomites: from Pederü to Lavarella Hiking the Dolomites: from Pederü to Lavarella

The hike to Lavarella was six kilometres one way, with an elevation of 550 metres. Especially the first part, near Pederü, was very steep. We had forgotten to bring our hiking poles and decided that for the way back, we would not descend there and walk on the road instead.

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