Litlos – Torehytten

July 26, Litlos – Torehytten
DSCN0354 DSCN0360

Was it the terrain, or was it just us getting used to hiking in Norway? Litlos-Torehytten was our first easy hike. Again, we took our time, and arrived at Harteigen at the end of the afternoon. As we saw clouds getting darker and heard thunder coming closer, we did not climb Harteigen and walked straight on to Torehytten.

For people carrying mobile phones: near Harteigen was the first time we got coverage since Haukeliseter.


Torehytten are two small huts at a big lake. As quite a few hiking routes pass by Torehytten, it was very busy. We got the last two beds. Later that evening six more hikers arrived and slept on mattresses on the floor. It was pouring that night. In the picture above (on the right) you see Torehytten and Harteigen.

–> July 27, Torehytten – Stavali
<– July 25, Hellevassbu-Litlos

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