October 28: Alfarnatejo – Ventas de Zafarraya

This day we will remember as the day of the excellent food. Somewhere along the route there was a bar, run by a woman who turned out to be an excellent cook. The place didn’t look anything like a top restaurant, but the lamb meat balls were delicious. As soon as I have found the name of the bar or the village close by, I will update this page.
This was a very quiet route. For hours we were in the hills without seeing any sign of inhabited world. No houses, no roads. A shepherd with a herd of sheep, now and then. And sometimes a tiny tiny village with white houses.
The last part of the walk follows an old railroad. Beautiful scenery. Today, again, we took our time and barely made it before dark. In Ventas de Zafarraya we stayed in hostal Aquí Te Quiero Ver. And here again we had a fantastic meal.


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