July 23- July 28: first part of Asturias

Asturias: the land of cider! And (as Basque Country and Cantabria) the land of beautiful coastlines.

On our first day in Asturias, upon arriving in Poo, the albergue was full and wouldn´t let people sleep on the floor. So we decided to sleep on the beach. A Basque guy who had found a place in the albergue kindly let me use his sleeping bag. And two Basque girls who were also at the beach had found a pension and told us that, in case of rain, we could come to their room. Which turned out not to be necessary. It was the ideal night for sleeping on the beach.
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After this great night the next one was quite a contrast: after a beautiful walk I came upon a flasher just before San Esteban de Leces. Not wanting to walk past him, I started walking back and stopped a car, which brought me past the guy. In the albergue they told me this  had happened before in that spot, two years ago.  Soon after this, I found a walking stick by the side of the road and decided to take it along just in case. Of course I never needed it.

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About the next few days my diary says: lots of rain and a very nice albergue in Pola de Siero. Shortly before Pola de Siero, I had said goodbye to some of my fellow pilgrims, who were continuing on the North route while I was going for the Primitivo. The North route continues along the coast, the Primitivo goes through the hills. One of the first places on this route is Oviedo, where I decided to take a resting day. I spent this day mainly in a self service laundromat, an internet cafe and some bars. The only touristic thing I did was visiting the cathedral.


  • Colombres – Poo 25 km
  • Poo – San Esteban de Leces 32 km
  • San Esteban de Leces – Sebrayo 28 km
  • Sebrayo – Pola de Siero 31 km
  • Pola de Siero – Oviedo 16 km

-> July 29 – August 2: second part of Asturias
<- July 16 – July 22: Cantabria

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