Luzern in the rain (2024)

The announcement, that the direct train from Arnhem to Basel would be discontinued from July 2024 inspired our holiday choice: we would seize the opportunity while it lasted and try out Switzerland for the first time. Following the advice of a friend we booked an apartment in Luzern. Our plan was mainly to hike in lower areas, as the weather forecast wasn’t very good (we travelled in mid april). We were optimistic, because a few years ago in the Dolomites we had great weather despite the forecast.

This time, we weren’t so lucky. We had snow, we had hail, we had rain, wind and clouds. The first days, every morning the friendly people at the Tourist Office would tell us: “no, today’s not a good day for Rigi”. The touristic highlights around Luzern are Rigi, Pilatus and Titlis. But they’re not worth it in bad weather. So we had to find other things to do, while keeping an eye on the forecast because maybe, maybe the weather would get better towards the end of our week there.

If you’re in Luzern with similar weather, hopefully these pages can help you choose things to do.