October 30: Alhama de Granada – Jayena

Alhama de Granada is very touristy and this is understandable: the canyon is a real attraction and so is the beautiful old town. When we left the next morning, the route went through the canyon again. We started early, as today´s route would be 31 kms long. 120166
First, when we had left the canyon, passed the lake and crossed a stream, the route went through the woods for a while. After that the landscape was as in the picture above, on the right.

In the distance we could constantly see the big Embalse de los Bermejales. Halfway we reached the village of Jatar. Nice village with a nice cafe. Apparently the area is good for cycling: we saw quite a few cyclists here.
Near the end of the route we got lost. The past few days our route had been almost similar to the GR7, and we had gotten used to having the GR7 signs to guide us. But now, going uphill, we hadn’t seen the signs in a while, started to wonder if we were on the right track but didn’t want to turn back: it would be such a shame if we had carried our backpacks all the way up for nothing. But after an hour or so we were sure we were lost and decided to turn back. When we were back at ground level we quickly found the route again, but as today’s route was long, and we had lost a few hours, we arrived in Jayena after dark. Luckily there was still a little bit of light when we were descending the rocky footpath towards Jayena.
We arrived at Hospederia La Almijara pretty exhausted and were happy to find out that the owner was very friendly and his wife a fine cook. La Almijara was a lovely place, with many people in the bar watching a football match of Granada against Sevilla.

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