Weg der Schweiz: from Flüelen to Sisikon

As the weather still hadn’t gotten any better, and we wanted to see something other than the immediate surroundings of Luzern, we took a train to Flüelen to walk a stage of the Weg Der Schweiz. That was a very good idea! Despite the weather (this day, after the hailstorm and snowstorm, we got rain) we loved walking there. The Weg der Schweiz goes around part of the Vierwaldstättersee, so you continuously have views of the lake and the surrounding mountains (whose tops were covered in clouds that day, but they were impressive nevertheless).

Along the way, you pass the Tellskapelle.

It’s not a difficult trail, it does climb a bit here and there, but all in all it follows the lake quite gently. It’s about 7.5 kms from Flüelen to Sisikon, where we took a train back to Luzern. If we had started our walk earlier in the day, we could have continued walking until Brunnen, which is another 8 kms. The four stages of the Weg der Schweiz are 35 kms in total, so with some planning you could do them in two days (some people might even do them all in one day).

If you’re in the Luzern area and the weather’s not good enough to visit Rigi, Pilatus, Titlis, then the Weg der Schweiz is a good alternative, we really liked the views.

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