Arnhem to Luzern by train

The ICE from Amsterdam to Basel arrived in Arnhem with a delay of 20 minutes. We had reserved our ticket and seats beforehand and found the ride very comfortable: we were travelling on a thursday. Our return trip, on a friday, would turn out to be a lot busier. During the ride we read books, listened to podcasts and had a currywurst in the Speisewagen. The delay got bigger, no problem for us as there are many connecting trains to Luzern in Basel. Because of the one hour delay, it was decided that the train would not continue to Basel and we all had to get out in Freiburg. By turning around there, Deutsch Bahn could make up for the delay and be back on schedule. It crossed my mind that the same thing might happen on our return journey and that we be aware of that, but hey, what are the odds, so I forgot about this again. (Narrator: the same thing did happen again.)

So in Freiburg we got on another train to Basel and from there, to Luzern. We arrived one hour later than expected, around 17:00, which was perfect. We were pretty tired, so we just crashed in the apartment and ate a takeaway pizza (our first encounter with the Swiss price level, which compared to Dutch prices is very high) from a pizzeria nearby.

The next day we went for a walk in town. Our apartment was in a perfect location, extremely close to the train station and extremely central. We crossed the famous bridge, visited some other city highlights, like the lion:

and the city wall. From there, you have a nice view of the city and surroundings.

and the Vierwaldstättersee:

–> Dietschiberg in a hailstorm

<– Luzern in the rain