Spain 2013

058051Searching for information about walking routes and accommodation can be time consuming. For this reason we decided to book a walking arrangement at Spanje Anders. I can’t find the exact arrangement that we had on the website anymore, but it can still be found on Facebook. Anyway, for the most part we followed the GR7 in the area between Malaga and Granada. (This sounds easier than it was: the waymarking was quite a challenge. Read the page about the stage Jayena-Albuñuelas for details.) We got reservations for the hotels on the way and a set of maps and directions. And for extra information, we bought a GR7 book (which is out of print now, unfortunately, but I’m sure there are good alternatives). Although the Spanje Anders-website does offer arrangements with luggage transfers, we carried our backpacks ourselves.
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On the evening of Saturday October 26 we flew to Malaga, had dinner there with a friend who happened to be in the city, and went to bed. The next morning our walking adventure would start.

October 27: Villanueva de Cauche – Alfarnatejo
October 28: Alfarnatejo – Ventas de Zafarraya
October 29: Ventas de Zafarraya – Alhama de Granada
October 30: Alhama de Granada – Jayena
October 31: Jayena – Albuñuelas
November 1: Albuñuelas – Granada
November 2: Granada

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