Stavali – Kinsarvik

July 28, Stavali-Kinsarvik
Misty morning, sunny afternoon. Walking from Stavali to Kinsarvik means descending from the plateau to sea level. In wet weather this can be tricky, but we didn’t have wet weather, so for us it was an easy day again.
Because of the steep descent, the landscape changes rapidly. For the first time in days we saw trees again instead of low bushes. As we approached Kinsarvik the waterfalls got bigger. Also, as we approached Kinsarvik, the number of day hikers grew. The previous days, during walking, we had met 5 to 10 people per day. Now there were at least 50.
In Kinsarvik we made some phone calls trying to find a place to sleep in Odda. Everything was full, except for one one-person room (hereby we give many thanks to the friendly woman who gave us an extra mattress) at Trolltunga hotel. Two days later we met some Australians that had had trouble finding a place to sleep too. Apparently this is always difficult in Odda during high season. So don’t do as we did, book ahead.

Two pictures of Odda:

–> July 29, Trolltunga
<– July 27, Torehytten=Stavali

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  1. Wij gaan deze route vanaf 25 augustus 2016 lopen. Erg leuk om te lezen hoe jullie dit ervaren hebben. Wij zijn alvast voorbereid op de zwaarte van eerste dag.

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