Weg der Schweiz: from Bauen to Flüelen

After three days of walking in far-from-ideal weather, we were fed up with the rain and opted for an indoor activity. Luzern has the most popular museum in Switzerland: Verkershaus (museum of transport), but we chose art: the Rosengart collection. It’s a small, charming museum with works by Picasso, Klee, Matisse, Cézanne, Renoir and many more. After that, the rain had stopped, so we walked around town a bit.

And then the next day: no rain! During the day we even got some sun and blue skies. We had taken the train towards the Weg der Schweiz once again, this time for stage 2: from Bauen to Fluëlen. To reach Bauen, you get off at Brunnen and take a ferry. The landscape around Bauen is stunning:

It’s a very easy walk to Fluelen, 10 kms long. Thanks to the sun, the views were brilliant:


Back in Flüelen, waiting for the train, we concluded that it might be possible to visit Rigi after all. If the weather would stay this way, we would go for it the next day (which was our last day in Switzerland).

–> Rigi to Weggis 

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