June 2 and 3: Edinburgh

So, the next morning, instead of starting another walk, I took the bus to Fort William, and from there the train to Glasgow. This train ride is famous for the amazing landscapes:
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In Edinburgh I discovered that I had booked the perfect place for recovery: Pollock Halls. I loved it. It was at the university campus, a quiet and green place at walking distance from the center of the city. Among other things, I recovered with this:


In Edinburgh the weather was nice. Being in recovery modus I didn’t feel like doing much, but Arthur’s seat turned out to be just beside campus, so I climbed it (without a backpack, what a relief).
That was the only thing I did in Edinburgh besides hanging around in the park (and going to a hairdresser from Eastern Europe who didn’t speak much English and cut my hair way too short. These surprises are one of the charms of travelling, even in English speaking countries). I like the city, I’ve been there before and plan to be back, and when I do, I definitely will stay in Pollock Halls again.

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