Skjeggedal to Trolltunga

July 29, Skjeggedal to Trolltunga and back


This was a very different hike compared to the previous ones. As we had left most of our stuff at the hotel, we only carried one light backpack. Another big difference was the amount of fellow hikers: hundreds! This also meant that we saw quite a bit of litter along the way. What a difference compared to the quietness and purity of the Hardangervidda.

But as the pictures show, the scenery was fantastic. Beautiful hike. We took the 7:25 bus from Trolltunga to Skjeggedal so we could start early, as it is quite a long hike. When we were on our way back, in the afternoon, we met many hikers going up, some of whom did not look very well prepared, and we wondered if they would make it. Starting early gives you time to hang around at Trolltunga and watch the ongoing show of people posing for the inevitable photo.

–> July 30-August 1, Oslo
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