The next day, we drove to Hemsedal to do one of the ut.no-routes there. This was quite a nice area, Hemsedal itself is a touristic place, but when you set off on one of the trails, pretty soon you’re in quiet nature. We followed the track to Troimsbotn. The first (and largest) part was not so scenic: it goes through bushes. It was pretty adventurous, lots of obstacles. Then when (finally) you’re out of the bushes, you walk through a beautiful valley:

Hiking Hemsedal: the valley near Troimsbotn

So that was nice. And quiet. We only met 3 other hikers, who were continuing towards some DNT-hut. We just followed the same route back to our car in Hemsedal. There, we had lunch in the very nice and relaxed Hemsedal Café. A good thing about touristic areas is that there are many nice places to eat or have a drink: we also had a good time at Kjersti’s in Gol.

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