Luzern to Arnhem by train

We left Luzern in the morning, to visit Basel for a few hours before our ICE would leave there around 15:00. Walked around the center for a bit, had lunch in a nice place and then walked along the river, had a coffee and, because it started raining, went back to the train station an hour early. That was very fortunate: after collecting our suitcases, I saw in the Deutsche Bahn app that again, the ICE would not continue to Basel. Our train would start in Freiburg. So we jumped on a train to Freiburg, hoping to intercept our ICE there. And this worked out. Phew!

As we were traveling on a friday, the train was busy, all seats taken and people sitting on their suitcases between wagons. It was so busy in the hallways that we decided to skip the currywurst and survive on the food and drinks that we had with us. Again, the train incurred a delay, but it brought us home safe and sound. And very hungry. Thank God for Smullers!

–> Luzern in the rain

<– Rigi to Weggis