Hellevassbu – Litlos

July 25, Hellevassbu – Litlos


The hike from Hellevassbu to Litlos was indeed easier. The distance is shorter and there is much less elevation gain. But easy it was not. Norway was enjoying a very warm summer. It was around 28 degrees and we were carrying all our luggage in our backpacks. So we took our time again, enjoying the sun and the landscape and taking pictures. When temperatures are this high, it’s ideal that you can drink the water from the lakes and streams.


Like every day, we saw a lemming now and then. And from time to time we were bothered by some mosquitos, but this was not nearly as bad as we had expected. Actually they were no problem at all. Maybe they would have been if we had been camping.

We arrived in Litlos pretty tired, after 8 hours of walking. Litlos is a ´mountain hotel´: it serves meals and has showers. Good place for recovery.

–> July 26, Litlos-Torehytten
<– July 24, Haukeliseter-Hellevassbu

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