Luzern area: Dietschiberg in a hailstorm

As we hadn’t had time to prepare our journey, except for booking the train and the apartment, we spent the first evening Googling ’things to do Luzern’ and found out that Pilatus, Rigi and Titlis are the three highlights, nature-wise. But it looked like these were too high to be enjoyed in this weather. So we went to the tourist office to inform. “No, today is not a good day for Rigi”, the woman said, showing us the webcams which showed nothing. Due to the clouds, every webcam view was just a grey rectangle.

She told us that Dietschiberg and Sonnenberg, two hills close to Luzern, are better options for days with bad weather and gave us information leaflets. So we set out for Dietschiberg, which could be reached on foot. First you climb some streets and then on the Dietschiberg there’s a forest. It was not a spectacular walk, but it was nice to be in nature. The information in the leaflet did not cover the part in the forest, so we just took random paths and when we got out of the woods and down the hill, followed signposts to get back to Luzern via a different track. That day, we found out that Switzerland has many waymarked hiking trails, hurray. All in all we walked about 12 kms.

Due to the weather and the not-so-spectacular nature, we took no pictures, just this:

–> Sonnenberg in a snowstorm

<– Arnhem to Luzern, by train