Luzern area: Sonnenberg in a snowstorm

The weather wasn’t any better on the next day, so we took the bus to Obergutsch, to hike Sonnenberg. The day had started dry, but after two minutes of walking it started snowing. A lot. As we were putting on our rain ponchos a local family, who had been hiking as well, joked that we’d have a good story to tell at home, and that just two weeks ago they had had 25 degrees there.

As apart from the snowfall there was also quite some wind, we didn’t take many pictures and just kept going. But again, it was nice to be outside in nature, and we liked this hill better than Dietschiberg, we liked the landscape more, although of course we didn’t see much (according to the website, on better days, you have “an impressive panoramic view” here). We walked from Obergutsch to Kriens, about 7 kms.



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