September 7: Pamplona – Obanos

Tree along the Camino Frances de Santiago

One of the key stages of the Camino: the route that passes by Alto de Perdón. There are many special places along this stage, for example the field of sunflowers. As I was walking in the end of summer, the sunflowers had already finished flowering. It was a very dry landscape, it must have been a hot summer.

Camino Frances de Santiago: don't forget you were always on the way

It is quite a climb to Alto de Perdón and up there it’s very windy. There were two guys shooting a documentary, asking pilgrims where they were from and why they were doing the Camino.

Camino Frances de Santiago: pilgrim at Alto de Perdon

This was a unique stage, I’d love to do it again sometime. Afterwards, I checked in in a very nice albergue in Obanos, and had dinner in a restaurant which put all the pilgrims around a big table. I especially liked that the three elderly Australian ladies, that I had met before, were among them. They were fantastic. One of the best things about the Camino is meeting people of all ages, from so many different countries, with different backgrounds.

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